Negombo Beach & water sports

Negombo is a popular beachside retreat situated just minutes away from the International Airport. It boasts of some of the finest beaches in the country. Negombo's beaches are wide expanses of golden sand, and appeal to the sun-seekers who stay at the coastal hotels and resorts. Water sports enthusiasts flock to the beaches here from November to April, when area hotels organise a host of water activities. 
Polular water activities offered in Negombo are wakeboardingh, jet ski, surfing , swimming, snorkeling, boating, diving etc.

Negombo Fishing villages

Negombo  is a key destination in Fishing. You can visit a peaceful fisherman's village. You can view the market, fresh fishes just brought up from the boat, blueish-silver in color and huge squids.

Fish market

You can visit the fish market and see how the local fishing trade is done. You can buy fresh fishes just brought up from the boat, blueish-silver in color and huge squids.

Boat tour

There are many boats along the beach. They belong mostly to fishermen who sometimes offer tourists a boat trip around the neighboring shore and the delta area of a river.If you take a 3 hours ride, you can see the rain forest, the mangrove, the "compulsory" coconut-picking show, visit a local farm and try the local brandy (arak). It's a natural and wild area and a good chance to meet some local people doing their everyday business

Old dutch construction

Negombo situated by the shores of a lagoon by the same name once has been a trading port for Portugese and Dutch and is a ideal place for those who want quick access to and from the airport. Attractions in the city are the old Dutch fort gate built in 1672 now a part of the prison, the Dutch Canal which was then a supply route to the Dutch administration, old churches and fishing villagers. The 100km long canal running through the town is still being used and is an attraction for those who want to see the country from a different perspective

Negombo Lagoon

Negombo Lagoon is a large estuarine lagoon in Negombo, south-west Sri Lanka.The lagoon is fed by a number of small rivers and a canal. It is linked to the sea by a narrow channel to the north, near Negombo city. It is surrounded by a densely populated region containing rice paddies, coconut plantations and grassland. The land is used for fishing and agriculture. The lagoon has extensive mangrove swamps and attracts a wide variety of water birds including cormorants, herons, egrets, gulls, terns and other shorebirds. Negombo, Katunayake, Seeduwa are some nearby towns.

Old churches

There are many churches including an old Dutch church. The 90% people in Negombo area are Christian (most are roman catholic) they are so religious and you must visit some of nice churches.

Angurukaamulla  Temple

there is nice big temple call Angurukaamulla in negombo. there is a giant biddha statue and some of very old paintings and murals.

One specially of this temple is the ability to see see some information of all the kings in Sri Lanka. its worth visit if you will go in negombo

Roofing Tile Factories

The surrounded areas Kochchikade, Waikkal and Dankotuwa are the most popular region of manufacturing roofing tiles in Sri Lanka. We can arrange a visit to a factory and see the process in action.


About 15km south of Negombo lies a large tract of land set aside partly for wildlife, partly for humans and industry. The marsh is in the part set aside for wildlife; it’s mostly a huge, shallow lake with inlets and islands. It links the river and the sea, making the water brackish and the birdlife abundant. Up the river a bit are mangrove forests, home to monkeys and estuary crocodiles. You can only get around by boat.



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